The Circus Show


He ran the circus! The Joker! He should have won an Oscar because his performance was immaculate! He had been spectacular, unbelievable, so out of this world! He deserved to get a Hollywood Star. He was a performer, a comedian, a joker!

But one of his jokes….


The witty kind, you know, complicated humour. The type that nearly crossed the line between sarcasm and cruel humour. They all laughed! The audience, the spectators, the crowd – they  laughed, big belly fulls of laughter!  Some sniggered, some hooted, some even danced with glee, but mainly everyone laughed at the spectacle in the Circus Ring. Everyone laughed except me. I was oblivious, I did not get it. I’m normally the witty, comic type but this time the joke was lost on me.

But everyone else got the joke….

So they laughed and they hooted and cried with joy all through the show.

It was a freak show! They all laughed at the helpless clown tied up in knots it could not loosen. The Joker! Damn, he was excellent at his show for they all got the punchline! Yet I didn’t! I failed to grasp it.

Months later when the Circus had left town, when the freak show had been over…..

Long after the laughter had all died down, long after the sniggers had faded and the Joker’s Show was only remembered as a ‘Hit from the Past’, when it had all become a distant memory….

It suddenly dawned on me,

Like a bright light shining on me, I got it, the joke!!

I understood it! After all this time I finally got the punchline. It had been so simple! I could see the Circus Ring more clearly. I could even name the cast and I completely got what the joke had been about.


While they had laughed, the audience, the spectators, the observers at the Circus Ring. While they giggled and snickered big belly fulls of laughter as they watched the joke unfold…

I didn’t…

And when I eventually got the joke months later,

I  never laughed, I cried! In fact, I sobbed! Big belly full guttural cries.

I cried because I knew then, what I had failed to see back in the Circus Ring had been our life together, our relationship – The Circus! And you had been the Joker and I the Clown….

I realise now that I had been too blind to grasp, for all that time, all that while…

From your very first act to the final curtain call…

The joke was me

The joke had been on me.
This post was inspired by MaKupsy’s post Would you take back your Ex? 








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