Almost Doesn’t Count…



This past weekend I ALMOST got laid………BUT………Almost Doesn’t Count, right??? Well, in this instance, WRONG! 


The End.


…….Or is this The Beginning? 


30 Days Celibate and counting!!!!


That Nigerian Man Will Never Marry You: A Warning To Non-Nigerian Women…

So lately, my own relationship or rather, situationship has been making me feel a bit insecure, reason being a lot of people have come up to me and said things like my man would never marry me as I am foreign. I’ve also been told that I have “White Girl” tendencies and as such, a Nigerian man might be turned off. I honestly don’t know what White Girl tendencies are so please, if any of you do know, educate me in the comments section lol! Anyway, hearing all this and being me and paranoid, I’ve gone in search of Internet advice lol and here’s what I found, an entire article to confirm why he’d end up with his own!! My dear readers, I’m heartbroken but laughing all the way. Marriage is something that I want someday and something I’m vocal about in my relationships, obviously not in a marry me tomorrow kind of vocal but I do make it known that it’s important to me and therefore a part of my plan. My boyfriend obviously knows this and so far, we’ve been very par! The article is witty and gives a different perspective and even escalates my insecurities about marriage, however, because I realise a relationship is between 2 people with a mutual love and respect, will focus more on that rather than the universal notion.

Please enjoy as much as I did 🙂

PS – Have any of you dated or been with a Nigerian man before? Leave your experiences in the comments section. You know me, I love gist!

The Deal


Wednesday, 24 April 2013 12

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It seems that dating Nigerian men has quickly become a trend in East Africa. The ‘show me your Oga I show you mine’ syndrome has rapidly spread and these men have even replaced the white man preference. But what many women don’t know is that they will wine, dine and fuck you but never marry you.

I spent a few weeks in Nigeria early this year and the picture I got from them- people behave differently when in their original environment- was rather different. Nigerians tend to avoid contact with foreigners, especially their women. It’s only ashawos that date white men or men from other cultures- did I say date? Sorry, sell is more like it. Your average girl next door Nigerian woman will not even look at foreigner so this creates an unfair advantage for the Nigerian…

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